Melinda: You are a local player from Pensacola, what is it like to play at a local venue?

Mike: It’s very exciting it’s one of these things that I’ve been going to all my life the Senior Bowl
and my excitement picked up for it the last couple of years knowing players and really becoming
more involved in watching it and more involved in the college game. I’m really excited to see how
this year stacks up and just excited to have this opportunity.

Melinda: Your former high school teammate George Selvie is on the team with you this year,
how does that affect the experience?

Mike: We’re great friends and we rode over here together definitely makes things very
enjoyable. He’s a great player in his own right he’s done great things at South Florida, made a
name for himself and he’s been doing well out here in practice. Just being able to see him in his
own element and hopefully we get to hit a couple times this week it’s be really enjoyable playing
with him.  

Melinda: How did it feel to win the National Championship?

Mike: Pretty unbelievable, it still probably hasn’t fully sunk in yet, it’s just one of those things
where I’m just happy. I keep getting congratulations everywhere I walk and I’m just pleased to be
a part of that and it’s been such an incredible feeling and I don’t think it’s going to end anytime

Melinda: Why did you think it was important for you to come to the Senior Bowl this week?

Mike: It’s an incredible opportunity to get matched up against quality opponents and guys that
you’ve been playing against throughout your career and guys you’ve seen play of TV. You know
it’s the best of the best around here and hopefully I can impress the scouts and good eyes on me
and up my name a little bit.

Melinda: Do you have plans for draft day?

Mike: I’ve haven’t really thought about it. Probably not too big plans probably sitting on my couch
with my mom and dad and hoping for the best.
Mike Johnson
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