Melinda: When you look back at your college career what is the one memory that stands our the

Louie: I'd have to say probably that Sugar Bowl. I mean that's the last thing that was done, and
probably the biggest thing that's happened in Utah history. To be able to have that cap off your
career. I can't think of anything else that's better than that.

Melinda: What was the mood of the team after that win, knowing that you were the only
undefeated team and not playing for the national title?

Louie: I mean obviously we were ecstatic about the win. We all knew at that point we could play
with anyone. We weren't , I wouldn't say disappointed would be the word to describe not being
able to play a team like Florida or Oklahoma or whatever. Defiantly number two is not something
we complain about by any means.

Melinda: Why did you feel it was important for you to participate in the Senior Bowl?

Louie: Exposure, any chance especially for a kicker to be able to market yourself and kind of
expose yourself to these coaches. One of the most important things with the NFL is just showing
your personality and that you're mentally stable and mentally fit. What better stage than this
whole week when they are staying in the hotel. I've been here for two days and you can already
see the impact.

Melinda: Do you have any traditions you do before a game?

Louie: I use to, but I kinda strayed away from that because the last thing you want on your mind
before you go out for a kick is if you didn't follow through with your superstition. So I just kinda
take the mindset like if you prepared right during the week you should be confident.

Melinda: When you were growing up did you have a favorite team or player, and if you could
pick is there a team you'd like to play for?

Louie: I'm originally from San Jose California I grew up a Niners fan and I don't know if I'd ever
want to play over there just because, they play in Candlestick Park which, it's pretty windy over
there and for a kicker it's not the best thing. Anyhere warm would be nice but at the same time if
any team wants me I will go just like that.

Melinda: Good luck and have a great week.

Louie: Alright thank you.
Louie Sakoda
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