Melinda: Thanks for taking a few minutes to talk with me.

Graham: Oh no problem.

Melinda: What is the most important thing you learned off the field while you were at Texas

Graham: That's tough I think just going through good times and bad times, you know I went out
there and redshirt I have to sit a year. Patience, patience pays off, hard work pays off, things like
that. You gotta take the good with the bad we had our ups and downs, people loved us at times
and people hated us at times, on and off the field. You gotta take the good with the bad, not
listen too much to what's going on I guess, in the community, and just pull together with the guys
in the locker room.

Melinda: Was the transition from high school to college made any harder with trying to learn
Mike Leach's playbook?

Graham: Not to much, cause in high school we ran a similar offense. Coach's offense is a tough
offense to defend and prepare for. He does a pretty good job of teaching it to his quarterbacks. I
think getting to work with coach everyday really helped that transition to be a lot smoother. Cause
he's an actual quarterback coach he teachers you everything you need to know he takes care of
his quarterbacks., and did a great job transitioning us from high school to college.

Melinda: Why did you think it was important for you to participate in the Senior Bowl?

Graham: I think this is a chance to erase some of the stereotypes with playing at Texas Tech.
Being from Texas Tech a lot of people say you are just a system quarterback, it's just a part of
the system you can't take snaps from under center, you can't take drops and thrown the ball,
things like that. I think that coming here is a chance to break some of those stereotypes and to
prove that those are just stereotypes, and that good players do play at Texas Tech.

Melinda: Do you have any traditions you do before a game?

Graham: Not really, I try not to get too superstitious cause then if I forget to do it, it'll be messing
with my mind the rest of the game. I try not to do to many things like that.

Melinda: Do you have any plans of draft day?

Graham: I'll probably go play golf with my buddy just to get my mind off it, or something.

Melinda: What are you going to do with you first paycheck?

Graham: That's a great questions. Hopefully someday I'll have enough money to buy a
lakehouse. That's really all I want to do is go buy a house, I was born in Brownwood they have a
really nice lake down there, someday I want to buy a house our of lakeBrownwood. With my first
paycheck, I'm not sure what I'm gonna do with that.

Melinda: Good luck and have a great week.

Graham: Thank you.
Graham Harrell
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