Melinda: What do you think is the most important thing you learned on or off the field while you
were at MississippiState?

Derek: I learned how to handle adversity, I went through a lot of things while I was at
MississippiState, both on and off the field. I just think a lot of what coach Croom taught us, about
how to handle adversity. I think me going through those experiences helped me a lot and I know it
helped me a lot during the process of trying to get drafted.

Melinda: Your cousin is a former NFL linebacker, has he given you any advice on how to
prepare for the draft?

Derek: He just told me to just go in there and play football, he said the game doesn't change it
probably get a little faster and everybody get a little better. You've been playing football all your
life he said just don't change, just keep going out there and doing what I do.

Melinda: How does it feel to be able to come back to Ladd Peebles after having such a
successful game here the last time?

Derek: It feels great just hopefully I can have the same success on Saturday that I had here the
last time. I just feel privileged to be out here and playing with these guys, and just be around a
bunch of great players.

Melinda: What would you like to be able to show the coaches this week?

Derek: I just want to show them that I feel like I'm one of the best players in my position in the
draft. I just want to show them that, and answer any questions that they have about me whether
it's on or off the field, and just really show them that I can compete and play with anybody in the

Melinda: Any plans for draft day?

Derek: I might just chill with my family, and watch it on TV. I might not watch it though, I don't
know. I'm gonna spend it with my family. Hopefully get that phone call hopefully not too late in the

Melinda: When you were growing up did you have a favorite player and is there a certain team
you'd like to play for?

Derek: My favorite player was Brett Favre, when I was growing up I loved Brett Favre. I don't
have a particular team I want to get picked by, whoever picks me I'm gonna be ready to go play
for them.

Melinda: Thanks and good luck.

Derek: No problem.
Derek Pegues
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