Melinda: You didn’t get a lot of national exposure playing at Central Michigan do you feel like
you have more to prove that other players?

Dan: No, you know actually everyone is getting an equal opportunity this is the best talent in the
nation so I think everyone has about the same things to prove.

Melinda: Is there any advice that you could give to younger QBs?

Dan: I’d say it’s all about rhythm, timing and footwork. If that makes sense to them at that age
which it didn’t to me, but if they could work on those three things they’d be doing great.

Melinda: What was the best pass rush you faced in your college career?

Dan: I’ll go with Georgia. Last year when they were number one in the nation when we played
them. Geno Atkins is here so I’ll have to face that again but they were really good not only
defending the pass but rushing the passer as well to.

Melinda: You had a really good performance in Ladd Peebles Stadium earlier this month do you
think you can have a better one this week?

Dan: I’m hoping so I’m really hoping so, it’s a great place to play and obviously I’m familiar with
the surroundings so hopefully that translates to a certain extent to the game on Saturday.

Melinda: What would you like to show the scouts this week?

Dan: Consistency, being able to run the offense efficiently, great communication and a certain
amount of confidence and competitiveness to.

Melinda: If you could pick any NFL teams who would want to play for?

Dan: That’s kinda out of my control so I haven’t concerned myself a whole lot with that. I’m just
trying to focus on the things that I can do best and go from there.
Dan LeFevour
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