Melinda: Thanks for talking with me.
Quan: It's all good.

Melinda: What is the most important thing you learned off the field while at Texas?
Quan: I have a passion for helping other off the field we have a lot of opportunities. Of course
with my major social work I have a lot of opportunities also. Just really handling yourself
professionally, you represent your family, Texas, and everyone so staying our of trouble and
again giving back.

Melinda: Why did you decide to come back to football after you played baseball?
Quan: Passion for football, and an opportunity to get and education and an opportunity to play
for one of the best schools in the nation. Those three things, weighing it out, prayed about it, and
that's why I made the decision.

Melinda: Why do you think it is important for you to come this week and participate in the Senior
Quan: I'm a little bit older guy. A lot of guys know me they've watched a lot of film, but still to
erase some of the question marks they may have, or at least get some exposure for guys who
didn't get to see me as much. Some of them were coaches or on the road and so forth. And
competing against a lot of the guys that will be in the league next year, so playing against the
best and being successful at it, will help your draft chances.

Melinda: When you were growing up did you have a favorite team or player, and is there anyone
particular you'd like to play for?
Quan: Not really I watch a lot of football of course, and for my position you watch different things
about the game as opposed to watching different teams. Of course being from Texas I watch the
Texas teams more than others. Oilers when I was young, Texans now, Cowboys, my family are
huge Cowboys fans, me personally I've never had a favorite. Player wise I actually like Deion he's
a duel sport guys too. He motivated me to continue to play baseball, and try that out. Now
probably Steve Smith I really like the way he plays the game.

Melinda: Any plans for draft day?
Quan: I have a family and two little girls so I'll be hanging out with them more than anything, with
my cell phone on of course.

Melinda: Thank you and best of luck.
Quan: No problem, take care.
Quan Cosby
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